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  Wednesday, September 14, 2005

  CFP: Organisational Blogs: Opportunities and Challenges

Call for papers: special issue on Organisational Blogs: Opportunities and Challenges for International Journal of Information Technology and Management - submission till 3 March 2006

Thanks to Mónica André for sharing this (and all other nice things :)

  My boyfriend or why I don't make things instantly visible

It's so funny that I couldn't avoid blogging about it - Ton tells me on Skype that he saw in his referrer logs someone searching for "lilia efimova" boyfriend. I checked mine and it's there as well...

I guess none of the pages in this search actually answers the questions that the person who searched for it could have :)

Which brings me to the interesting bunch of questions about privacy and choices people make around it.

As for me - I'm not comfortable making things too explicit in my blog. Explicit link gives things away without any work - just one look and you know my bio and demographics and how I look and what is my phone number. Somehow I''m not comfortable with having all that information instantly visible.

However all of it is online in public. It takes slow uncovering, time and effort, but you can find all that... I'm not hiding it, but somehow I feel much easier if it's not on the surface.

It's like any relation - the more time you spend together, the more you know about each other. The closer you are, the more you know...

Some of my blogging friends met my boyfriend, some know all kinds of details about him and where to find him online, some could connect the hints and links from different online spaces, over time, and get the whole picture... I'm fine and happy with that, but I'm still not comfortable advertising it (as well as all other personal things) on my homepage - somehow the time needed to find things out gives me a sense of privacy...

And, of course, I know that the tools to connect the dots instantly will be here sooner or later. And I'm thinking of what happens then and how this could be useful for knowledge sharing (see posts on transparency and knowledge mapping)... I guess those tools will redefine our thinking of what privacy is and our practices around it.

But so far - my own definition of privacy:

a lot of my life is online, but you'll have to read the whole story to discover

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