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Blogging as a coffee table dialogue

Ages ago I wrote a post explaining why I blog that between other things said:

I also blog to keep a feeling of “coffee-table dialog” with my far-away colleagues: “You know, I’ve just read this article and was triggered with these ideas. What do you think?”

That time I didn’t know that it works with near-by colleagues as well 🙂

When my colleagues started blogging I discovered that even if we work closely together and meet almost every day reading their blogs adds something special to it. Those “special” things are not work-related, but they are often “around work” – types of things that may come up in a coffee table discussion – books just read, vacation stories, research ideas that doesn’t seem to fit existing projects, personal news… Those things are small, but important – they turn into stronger personal connections and unexpected ideas (and they are substitute for a coffee when I’m far away :).

I wanted to write about it for quite some time and today’s post of Rogier finally triggered it. It’s my first day at work and I haven’t seen him yet, but I already know what he is doing on Saturday.

[Went to say hi because it’s stupid to blog about someone when you can actually go and talk 🙂 ]

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