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  Tuesday, August 30, 2005

  Experimenting with creating an ontology based on weblog content

Anjo documents the experiment of creating a cooking ontology by running smart tools through the content of Chocolate and Zucchini:

Curious to know what Sigmund would say :)

  Can I have tags instead of folders with my RSS feeds as well?

What I really want is RSS reader that would allow me tagging feeds - folders do not scale anymore :(

May be it exists, but I'm suffering from not knowing - tell me then...

And, since I'm here - my ideal feed reader would*:

  • be web-based synchronised with desktop client (so I can read feeds offline as well)
  • let me read password-protected feeds
  • let me tag feeds - no folders any more!!!
  • have "remember" link under every post, creating a subset of posts per feed that I'd like to remember - and it wouldn't be the same as "keep new" of Bloglines that screws up the whole idea that number of unread posts indicates posts
  • have "add to del.icio.us" link under every post (I don't want to use "remember" link for that - those I posts that I'm not able to categorise yet)
  • let me track conversations (the data is there - one more step please)
  • let me specify/switch between views:
    • for some feeds I like full-text view, for others headline view
    • sometimes I like to see posts per feed, but for some feeds I'd like to read together, mixed in a stream (something I miss from Radio newsreader experience)
    • sometimes I want to see new posts, sometimes all posts, sometimes only those in "remember" category
    • could be great to have "conversations" view - to see not posts per feed, but posts per conversation
    • could be great to have "what my friends read" view (thinking of NusEye + more) or use tags from other users...
  • given all flexibility about views - I'd like to be able to specify which of them (does not) influence read/unread status
  • let me share my subscriptions as a plain list without tags (because I don't feel comfortable letting people know how I categorise them)

* I'm using Bloglines now, so this refers to my experiences with it (= may be considered as "how to improve Bloglines" as well :)

See also my posts and bookmarks on blog reading

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  BlogWalk, BlogDay and Les Blogs

Blog-related events in my list...

31 August, blogosphere - BlogDay2005 (via Yigal Chamish)

  • link to 5 bloggers you find interesting and don't forget to   - more how to instructions

2 September, Seattle - BlogWalk in Seattle: (un)conference? blogging? 

  • + dinner on 1 and 2 September, breakfast on 3 September - email me if you are interested to join

5-6 December, Paris - Les Blogs 2.0

  • Martin, I guess I'll get to Paris before the end of this year :)
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