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  Saturday, August 27, 2005

  Studying weblogs at Microsoft: start from Mini

If for whatever reasons you have to understand Microsoft culture start from reading Mini-Microsoft. I didn't know about it till someone mentioned it in one of the interviews I did with Microsoft bloggers, but since then it became a very useful resource to understand how things work inside the company.

It's anonymous, sharp and full of love, frustration and desire for change. It's full of details, stories and great conversations in the comments - similar to those that you might hear if you manage to get in the right circles.

For sure it's not objective, but it's a good way to start wondering about things and to know better how to ask questions...

And - Mini - I wonder if there are chances I can interview you for the study I'm doing. Seriousely. I promise anonymity (and food of your choice if you care :). Email/Skype/(206)2346381.

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  Just an observation

Mike Torres:

Necessary disclaimer before the rant: These are my words.  I am not speaking for the 60,000 people at Microsoft.  Please do not attribute my words to Microsoft, the MSN Spaces team, MSN, or any such thing.  I work for Microsoft so that may be hard.  But please try.

[Continues with notes on Google Talk]

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