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Digital work style: The new world of work (white paper)

Spent some time digging out MSFT white paper referred in one of internal presentation – funny enough I had to use a combination of intranet search and Google to find out the exact title, if it was public (yes) and exact location… I guess Microsoft could do a better job of publicising resources that suppose to influence customers’ mindset :)))

Anyway, the while paper – Digital Work Style: The New World of Work (.doc; 129KB) (see also: more explanations and related resources).

[The reason I wanted to blog it: I think it outlines trends and scenarios of knowedge work (they talk about information work) in a pretty good way.

I have to run now, but may come back later on today to added bullet-point summary for the paper.]

On a side note – Microsoft Office people are doing some interesting things (as I could judge from the things I’ve seen on the walls in the bulding where some of them sit :), unfortunately they have many reasons not to blog about it…

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2005/08/26.html#a1644; comments are here.

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