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  Friday, August 19, 2005

  The kindness of strangers

And while I'm trying to get somewhere else unknown glitches load Profgirrrrl in my browser. I scroll down and read this:

Graduate school is a bleak time, both personally and financially, for many people. I can't even imagine being in graduate school and dealing with the added heartbreak and stress of a terminally ill spouse (cancer) with mounting medical bills and a health care system that is largely failing to cover those bills and keeps benefits that we all pay for like Social Security and Medicaid out of reach for 2 years (at which point the Medicaid is useless) because a grad student's salary is just a touch higher than the limit. I'm not kidding.

Sigh. But this is what badger is dealing with.

I follow the link and the first post I read makes me going through archives and jumping over links and crying as I read about the fragility of life and the durability of stone and finding a call for action and getting my credit card out and thinking about the kindness of strangers as one more  (also here)...

May be it's only because cancer left scars in my own family, but I guess there is more to it.

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  Preparing your armors?

Alfred Thompson:

Some Microsoft employees showed up at an Open Source event dressed as Darth Vader  and a pair of Imperial StormTroopers. I can't say that I'm surprised. Working for Microsoft pretty much means that you learn to expect attacks on the company and even you as an individual. You either learn to live with it and see the humor or, well, I don't know what "or" is in this case. All the Microsoft employees I know seem to take this sort of thing in stride. Or at least if it does upset them they keep it under wraps.

Those things should be hurting a lot...

When I interview Microsoft bloggers many talk about their desire to show human faces behind the "evil empire" image. I thought that the "showing human face through blogging" was a corporate strategy, but, even if it is, behind it are the strong emotions of people working for the company.

I was on another side of the fence, now I have an opportunity to be inside. Last week I was proof-reading my own story about doing internship at Microsoft Research (did an interview). I realised that I was very positive about my experiences here and I felt kind of guilty about it - as I had to explain how I actually could be happy working in this company...

It's not the first time when I feel happy working for a company, but never before I felt the need to explain and excuse it. I wonder why I read Liz Lawley explaining why she wants MSN to succeed and don't see danah boyd telling why she spends her time contributing to Google and Yahoo (I was wrong). I wonder how much it has to do with learning "to expect attacks on the company and even you as an individual" and preparing your armors...

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