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  Saturday, July 16, 2005

  GOR 2006: session on social software?

Jan Schmidt is looking for people to work out a joint session on social software:

The Call for Paper of the GOR 2006 conference (21/22.3.2006, Bielefeld, Germany) states that besides regular submissions "there will also be the opportunity to propose a group of (3-5) interrelated presentations within one session". I would like to organize a session on social software because I would like to see some presentations on topics like Weblogs (*), Wikis, Folksonomies, Social Networking Sites, ... According to Uwe Matzat, who is in charge of the program commitee, the procedure would be that I will collect three to five abstracts and submit them as a "package". The commitee will then decide on the session proposal as a whole. He also added that this would be an interesting topic to feature at GOR 06, since there has been not a lot of work in this area up to now (at least in Germany).

So this is basically a call within a call: Is anyone out there interested in presenting on a social-software-related topic at GOR 2006? I know that the topic "social software" is pretty wide right now, but at this stage I canít really tell how many people out there are working in this field. The abstracts (~350 words) are due by September 30th, but to get a first impression I would ask you to contact me (jan.schmidt [at] split.uni-bamberg.de) until end of July if youíre generally interested in submitting a presentation. I will collect the replies and then get back to you to decide on further steps.

My two cents:

  • I'd like to contribute
  • having a wiki page(s) for preparing can make the process much easier

Update: you can add your suggestions to the wiki

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  BlogWalk in Seattle: (un)conference? blogging?

We were cooking it a bit on the background, but I guess it's time: BlogWalkSeattle is planned for 2 September and I'm very glad that Nancy White joins for facilitating it.

This time the theme is (un)conference? blogging?

We are going to focus on parallels, differences and synergies between blogging and face-to-face gatherings. The topics we are likely to touch:

  • what happens when bloggers who met online, meet F2F?
  • blogging and OpenSpace - how is blogging like/unlike OpenSpace
  • blogging (and social software in general) before, during and after face-to-face events
  • backchanneling during events

As usual: you need an invitation to participate, but if you think you (or someone else) should be invited, let us know (and those people we don't know yet are especially welcome :)

More at BlogWalkSeattle.

More on: BlogWalk Seattle 

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