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  Thursday, July 14, 2005

  On being rich and famous

I'm not the first one who will be leaking this in the blogosphere – last year Jeff Maurone wrote a story about dinner at Bill Gates' house he joined together with other Microsoft interns.   

It seems to be a tradition, so I guess I'll go through more or less the same experience...

I’m thinking about what I'd ask if I get through the crowd of others who probably will be hungry for an interaction. Funny enough, what I'm really interested is not related to the technology or business, I’m wondering about the human side of being rich and famous...

...A few years back I happened to be walking in the front of the hotel which The Rolling Stones were leaving next day after the concert I enjoyed a lot. The crowd wasn't, so I decided to stay and see and may be ask a question or so. I was just in front of an open door of the minibus, where Keith Richards was hiding from the crowd. First I thought that it was a good chance, but then I saw a man who was tired and a bit sad and looking like he gave up fighting with the fame… I realized that the best thing I could do is to smile understandingly and leave him alone…

This memory came today, when I was thinking on what questions would I ask while looking at Bill Gates' house from the nice cruise boat where Microsoft Research interns were socializing… It was finally sunny – warm, blue sky, light wind – but the chairs on the beach in front of the house were empty, and I was wondering if someone ever sits there…

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  What do you want to know about weblogs at Microsoft?

It's nice when others think about you: Jack Vinson sent me a pointer to James Robertson's post which in turn linked to a post by Rashmi Sinha on corporate anthropology.  A small quote from it:

Anthropology focuses on the complete individual, what drives them, how they work and play, how they think.

This is more or less what I'm going to do at Microsoft: try to understand what drives Microsoft bloggers :)

I'm still not very confident how much I should write about the study I'm doing… Of course, eventually the results will be published :)

As long as my "how much should I blog" struggle continues I would like to turn it back to you: what do YOU want to know about weblogs at Microsoft? What would you do if you would be at my place – having a chance to soak in the company culture, to find out what policies say, to explore internal weblogs, to meet bloggers and be able to observe them at their workplaces and ask questions… Are there any specific people you think I should try catching for a conversation*?

I can't promise I'll answer all your quesions, but they may influence where the study goes...

And – if you are very curious what I’m doing here you can try guessing from my del.icio.us/mathemagenic/MSFT link collection (which is, btw, shows when I started to collect references for this study :)

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