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  Wednesday, June 15, 2005

  Floating as mental ctrl-alt-del

This evening I did something a bit out of the ordinary: I spent an hour in a floatation tank. I'd heard about it in a documentary on Acetylcholine (from Brainwaves a series of documentaries on the chemicals which make our brains work) I listened to during the week and it turned out the centre was right next to Clapham Common tube station. It seemed intriguing so I gave it a shot.

When I saw this post over a month ago at Matt's weblog I was intrigued as well. I read all kinds of things about flotation tanks and decided to try as well. It's not that you can find them at every corner, but I found a place in Amsterdam and was looking for the right occasion.

Yesterday was the day. I had to be in Amsterdam for a very early appointment, so I decided I deserved something nice for getting up at 5:15 in the morning and booked a session at Koan float centre :)

It was strange and I guess, as with Matt, my first session wasn't the perfect experience. But in a strange and fun way it works. The closest metaphor I have is mental ctrl-alt-del :)

May be you are like me and when you keep your Windows machine running for days, you notice that over time it gets slower. It doesn't show me blue screen, but it looks that all those windows that get open and closed, and all those strange applications I start eat bits and pieces of machine's attention and processing power, so it becomes slower. Not enough to be totally frustrated, but enough to notice the difference once you restart.

This is more or less what happened to me after floating. I had a million mental windows open and my processing power dropped - I was still able to do things, but a bit slower and with less fun. Somehow yesterday's floating has me restarted. I still have those million things to do, but they look much easier and more fun...

Back to doing million things :)

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