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  Sunday, June 12, 2005

  On mental stress and getting things done

From Getting things done (the book :) by David Allen:

Most people have been in some version of this mental stress state so consistently, for so long, that they don't even know that they're in it. Lake gravity, it's every present so much so that those who experience it usually aren't even aware of the pressure. The only time most of them will realize how much tension they've been under is when they get rid of it and notice how different they feel.

Or, as in my case - the awareness is there, but it takes really high doses of stress (thinking why the hell those grey hairs pop-up on my head so unexpected :) to start doing something with it.

I guess in my case the problem is that I have lots of workarounds to cope with number of things I'm trying to do and high stress tolerance, so I tend not to focus on it unless stress is really high and current system is not able to handle things anymore.

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