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  Thursday, May 12, 2005


danah boyd:

I think that it's hard to be interdisciplinary. I think everyone *wants* to be interdisciplinary but that seems to mean draw haphazardly from different disciplines, throw into the blender, add a few spices and voila interdisciplinary gazpacho. I want a chemical reaction dammit.

The problem with being interdisciplinary is it that means staying in a state of perpetual identity crisis. I think that this is fundamentally hard for academics. Many of us grew up as ostracized freaks and geeks and felt such glory in fitting in. There's something desperately comforting about fitting it, about being amongst peers. Staying in-between, outside and perpetually bridging any dichotomous definitions is exhausting. I think about how many people i know who identify as someone in-between (fe)male but eventually chose to identify as one or the other. Alternatively, i think about inter-racial identities and how some of my friends happily proclaim the identity of hapa. When no identity out there works, you end up developing a new one. Of course, this happens in academia all the time. There are new interdisciplinary departments popping up daily in academia.

Thinking of identity crising and staying in-between... Wondering what is necessary for the chemical reaction...

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  Travel plans: Moscow 14-26 May

There are hundred reasons to blog and quite some half-written posts in my head, but no time - I'm flying to Moscow on Saturday, so it's a lot to sort out before that.

This trip will be special, both personally and professionally - wondering how things will go... It's also 4,5 months since my last visit - unbearably long comparing to the last couple of years (and - still - I know how lucky I'm to be able to fly frequently).

I'm counting days: today - tomorrow - flying - home...

Anyway, if you happen to be in Moscow and feel like cappuccino and wandering around - let me know

Back to work...

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