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  Friday, April 29, 2005

  Hosting imaginary friends

Nancy White on strangers and imaginary friends staying at your house:

It is the way I both do business and weave my social strands and networks. Two weeks ago I offered a room to someone from the Well (homebase England) who I did not know, but due to her community participation, could be virtually "vouched for." [...]

Tonight one online friend arrives plus one other I met a a conference this week to stay for two nights before they both return to the Netherlands.

I have been the beneficiary on the other end. My online connections have helped me learn, get information, make contact and have a place to sleep all over the world. We have saved dollars on hotel rooms and had much richer stays by being in homes instead of hotel boxes. We have had many conversations over chocolate, wine, potluck meals and walks in each other's neighborhoods. My family (which I must add, has been gracious beyond the call of family obligation with my "imaginary friends") have met some very interesting people! (And I mean that in all senses of the word. There has been some eyerolling!)

It ain't imaginary!

I'm very happy to be that online friend :) And I also know the power of online connections and the fun of hosting "imaginary friends" at my home - it's strange and hard to explain, but somehow it's very real... 

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