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Being researched…

I think this is called karma – if you research other people via their weblogs someone will come to research you :)))

Adrian Miles gives his students an assignment to study people online – and I happened to be in the list. I’ve got email from one of the students who study me – being studied feels fun and strange…

And – I found the page where the results are being documented and weblogs of students who study me 🙂 Wasn’t going to do that, but the email reminded me that I was far behind in reading Adrian’s blog, then I saw posts about the assignment and the rest was the result of curiosity and having some searching/browsing skills.

Now I’m a bit wondering if I spoil anything in Adrian’s plan by blogging it 🙂 May be, but I’m trying to be a nice girl and do not add names and links. And – this is a good example of how things may be in the online space: you study bloggers, someone comes to study you and you may want to decide to study those who study you :)))

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