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Too serious?

South Park Lilia: self-potraitDoes it look like me?

Somewhere last week I picked link to South Park studio up from Jeremy (he also did a fun thing of creating South Park versions of his friends). Played with it and then got immersed into PhD writing.

A haven’t been blogging much last weeks. And when I did it was mainly about all kinds of things related to my PhD methodology. I’m going to write more on it, but keep on wondering what does it do to my readers.

The comments that I get seem to be from totally different people than the usual ones… Actually, there are not any “usual commenters” – who comments depends heavily on topic I write about. But usually I write on all kinds of subjects and commenters come from all kinds of backgrounds, but lately it feels so one sided.

I wonder if people from “KM crowd” still read my weblog – I haven’t been writing on KM for a couple of months if not more. Not because I’m out of the topic, just because there is so much time to blog and topics of higher priority for the moment take the stage. So what people do? Unsubscribe? Skim and hope that I’ll right more in the future? Actually read it?

South Park Lilia reading books: self-potraitI’m also thinking of how it will go in the future. I’m getting into more convergent phase of my PhD, so I wonder what it will do my blog. Make it more focused? Kill multidisciplinary/mixed nature of what I write? Make it boring (not sure that reading all methodology “thinking aloud” is that fun :)? Change my audience? I have no idea.

Anyway now my weblog is a good reflection of my current stage. Something like this South Park Lilia on the right – lost in the reading all those books on ethnography 🙂

They told me that PhD is about focusing. I suspect that it’s about my blog becoming too serious 🙂

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2005/04/19.html#a1552; comments are here.

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