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  Wednesday, April 06, 2005

  Re-reading my own weblog and research blogging

Since my discovery of autoethnography I became more serious about my own weblog as a data input. Today I read/skimmed through 329 pages of my weblog in 2004 looking for ideas about blogging as part of research method. This is a quick reflection...

What I found:

  • seeds of ideas and relations that grew over time into something totally unexpected (tracing things developing over time is fun - like looking through family photo albums)
  • countless "I'll do it later" things that I never did
  • several cases of "I woke up with this idea in mind and I have to blog it"
  • ideas I forgot I had
  • errors
  • being surprised that I can write so good (and so bad ;)
  • memories of emotions and stories behind posts (so strange - sometime one sentence moves you back into the past as it was today)

Or a bit more serious - possible coding categories for looking at weblog posts from "blogging research" perspective:

  • publishing/dissemination/announcements (of papers, presentations, events by me and others)
  • research process
    • reflections
    • emotions
  • event blogging
    • notes
    • reflections
    • event planning (including travel planning)
  • paper blogging (notes on papers I read)
  • asking for help (explicit)
  • "enculturation" into research (reflection/learning on research culture, practices, tricks of the trade, etc.)
  • articulation
    • articulation of personal experiences (relevant for PhD)
    • articulation of problems/questions (may be implicit call for help, but often just thinking aloud)
  • writing-related (this is the difficult one)
    • drafting/testing pieces that supposed to go into a paper
    • giving space to pieces that do not fit into a paper
  • reflections on methodology

Not sure if I'll do something with it... I guess some kinds of classifications of research notes (e.g. in ethnography) should exist - would be interesting to compare.

And - I should be back to blogging - was away and had some tech problems.

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