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Making choices

I’m learning to make choices. It’s hard, but gives a good feeling. After cleaning and packing my office stuff, I’m doing the same for my house – deciding what do I really need and what may go. And I’m doing the same for my work – finalising this year targets and plans.

The parallels between physical world and mental world are funny. Making decision of not writing a paper I planned because it will get me distracted from my PhD research feels exactly like deciding to sell a sofa that is nice, but doesn’t fit anymore 🙂

But the physical side is easier – I just pack and move. Mental is much more complicated – I have to cut out many “I’d love to do” activities at work to make enough space for my PhD research. I guess it’s a stage where divergent mode turns into convergence. The choices are difficult, but making them gives a very strange sense of accomplishment. Just like getting rid of house stuff that do not fit anymore.

And – in case you are wondering why I wasn’t blogging – it’s simple: the machine that runs Radio got disconnected and I didn’t do anything to sort it out to have time to sort all other things. It will take a bit longer (for emails as well).

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