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  Sunday, January 23, 2005

  BlogWalk Chicago: colorful on white

BlogWalk Snowball FightBlogWalk Chicago was fun :) Jack Vinson did a great job of getting everyone together and all others were brave to get through the snowstorm (and to survive the snowfight :)

Don't think I'm awake enough to write intelligent comments, but since Euro bloggers are waking up in a couple of hours I'd link to things to start reading.

AKMA wrote a very detailed overview of the day in BlogWalk blogging and BlogWalk After Lunch, so you may start from those, or from photos at Flickr. AKMA wasn't that active in the discussion, but he did an excellent job of building a bridge between f2f meeting and online world... Thinking of Ton's post on lurking:

The most obvious characteristic of a lurker is that hes at the fringe of a group, listening and observing. Being at the fringe may seem like a bad place from the core, but in fact is a good position to build bridges to other groups, and be aware of other groups in the vicinity.

Window Wiki

Between the things I really liked today is the changed color palette of Window wiki. I wasn't feeling like taking the bag of yellow post-its that had travelled around Europe for all earlier BlogWalks, so Jack had to get a whole new set. This time I loved not only the view of colorful mosaic on white background, but also an ability to track my own contributions fast, just by spotting "my" color in the picture.

This is pretty much what I want from a blended weblog-wiki-somethingElse tools - a way to provide both a bigger picture of shared contributions and my traces on it. Wonder how much it will take - I guess less than I expect...

As usual, more posts about it at BlogWalk channel at topicExchange (and don't forget to ping it :)

More on: BlogWalk wiki 

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