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  Thursday, January 20, 2005

  The fun of others blogging for you :)

Jack Vinson:

Since Lilia is having difficulty posting to her blog while traveling, I am going to take the liberty of blogging a thought she had as we walked around the Art Institute of Chicago's Impressionist collection. 

A single blog post is a spot of color in a Seurat painting or a dash of color from Monet.  A single weblog taken as a whole over time might paint a small picture or it might reveal some color gradations - more likely it will reveal many patches of a larger canvas.  But when you stand back from that single post or that single website, the picture begins to reveal itself in the writings of all the other bloggers (and websites and forums) with whom the individual interacts.  I believe this is what Anjo Anjewierden et. al. are doing with their visualizations of blogs as Visual Settlements.


Have no idea when this post will get online - Radio still doesn't behave :(

  BROG: blog research, visualisations & sushi

Had lots of fun meeting the BROG group people... Most of our discussions were about weblog research and sushi. In my presentation I was jumping around different topics we study heavily illustrated by visualisations from several papers (notes by Peter Welsch).

As promised - references and links:

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