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HICSS-38: Persistent conversations workshop

Persistent conversations workshop was a nice way to start the conference: some familiar faces, lots of people I wanted to meet and interesting conversations.

The workshop was framed around Slashdot as an example of the system supporting persistent conversations.

I’m glad that I had an opportunity to present as well – it was a chance to talk not about finished work, but about some thinking in progress. This time it was about social visibility.

I picked up the idea from Jan Schmidt’s pointer to the paper, “Communication without Agents? From Agent-Oriented to Communication-Oriented Modeling” (proper reference and more) quite some time back. It associates well with some of my thinking on weblog conversations, but this time I tried to play the rules and use Slashdot as an example. My presentation (What is “beneath your current threshold”? Social visibility in persistent conversations) is online, but it’s sketchy, so I hope to find time to write it up properly.

Other presenters (will add more links later):

Thinking themes from the workshop:

  • interactivity and critical mass
  • visualisations and their impact on conversations/communities
  • relations between conversations and community (e.g. what can you say about relations between people by looking at their conversations; re: artefacts in weblog communities)
  • self-regulation (re: defragmentation effort users take when fragmentation of conversations is explicit)
  • getting value of old discussions (re: process vs. outcomes, knowledge mapping)

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2005/01/04.html#a1472; comments are here.

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