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  Friday, December 31, 2004

  The blank page

It's a pity that my camera is broken and I can't share images of Moscow in the snow... It's a perfect weather: -5, almost no wind, large snowflakes falling slowly, New Year lights... And on the top of it fresh orange juice, free WiFi, jazzy music at Moscow-Roma, end-of-the-year thinking and curious anticipation of 2005...

It was a good year, the one that is almost over: lots of changes, travelling and fun. Year of growth, both personally and professionally. Year of adventures, year of meeting people and turning online connections into joint work.

As the year before 2004 was a year of passion and no work-life balance, with blending fun and work into exciting and rewarding mix.

Funny enough, now I want more balance. It's not about "work-life balance" since my work is part of my life and I don't want to draw lines in between. It's about something else.

Passion can take you far away, shake your world and turn it upside down. Often between excitement of discovery and fun of making things happend there is no time for doing nothing, relaxing, slowing down, letting ideas submerge and transform, creating a space for silence, emptiness and things waiting to emerge.

This is something that I'd like to learn in 2005: not being driven by passions all the time, letting things go, slowing down and creating welcoming empty spaces. My own definition of balance :)

And, for all of you, close and far away, I wish dreams that come true. Start of a new year is good for it - the blank page gives us the right to dream, isn't it?

  Free WiFi in Moscow

Moscow is getting wireless: Yandex (Russian search engine & more) provides free WiFi in restaurants, clubs and other places where you may want to get connected. So far Moscow is pretty well represented, but other cities are catching up as well.

The growing list is at Yandex.WiFi. In case you don't understand any Russian, check Moscow free WiFi at Plazes (although there are only two plazes there - those where I had my favourite WiFi+FreshOrangeJuice combo :)

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