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  Monday, December 13, 2004

  BlogWalk 6.0 - Social software in corporate settings - Chicago

After blogging on the move in Umea, Sweden BlogWalk travels across the ocean! 

BlogWalk 6.0

  • When: 21 or 22 January
  • Where: Chicago (to be more specific: most likely Evanston which is near by)
  • Focus: Social software in corporate settings
  • Local host: Jack Vinson
  • More: BlogWalk Chicago wiki page

I'm really looking forward to it. Excited and a bit scared - have no idea what could happen while replanting our European adventure in North America :)

As usual, it's by invitation only, but if you know why you should be there let us know. BlogWalks are open for new people, but we need to know who will be coming and why to keep the conversations meaningful.

And - re: walk part of BlogWalk - Terry Frazier is not the first one to warn me that Chicago in January is not the best place to walk outside. Of course, for a Russian it's not scary (see hard data from Jack :), but may be we should be creative about the walking part. Is there any interesting local place to walk inside?

This post also appears on channel BlogWalk

  Edublog Awards: results

Edublog Awards voting is finished:

Well, what can I say, a great bunch of people sharing a great bunch of blogs, thanks to all who came along & voted!

Basically, congratulations to everyone who was nominated. As I’ve gone on about ad infinitum the idea of how ‘results’ might work has been troubling me a fair bit and I’m really keen to avoid ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ (because really, these and the many great blogs that weren’t nominated (probably due to lack of credible-blog-clout…) are all very much winners) and in that thinking we kinda decided to scrap the ‘editorial’ aspect and just let the votes decide.

And the winners are:

  • Best Individual Blog - Pharyngula
  • Best overall group blog - Crooked Timber 
  • Best resource sharing blog - OLDaily
  • Best Research Based Blog - Mathemagenic 
  • Best blogged paper(s) - Bridging the Gap: A Genre Analysis of Weblogs 
  • Best designed & most beautiful blog - Blaugustine 
  • Best technology meets pedagogy blog - Teaching & Developing Online 
  • Best use of weblogs within teaching and learning - Bee-coming a Webhead 
  • Best Newcomer (2004)  - Chasing the Dragon’s Tale 
  • Best Librarian Blog - Library Stuff
  • After a weekend offline it was fun to discover that my weblog won in the Best Research Based Blog category. Thanks for those who voted, but also for everyone who is there - inspiring, reading, commenting - because without you blogging research wouldn't be that exiting and that rewarding. And especial thanks to company, Telematica Instituut, for taking risks of someone blogging about work and my colleagues for a good company.

    And, next to a good personal feeling, I really hope that events like Edublog Awards will help to make research blogging a legitimate activity for a researcher and not a strange and even dangerous hobby :)

    More on: blogs in research 

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