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Socialware for learning environments at HICSS-38

At KM Europe John Seely Brown mentioned a workshop on weblogs at HICSS… I was wondering “what and when” for some time, but then discovered it clicking on a link that looked pretty innocent 🙂

HICSS-38: Socialware for Learning Environments (Tuesday morning, January 4, 2005):

Social software (socialware) enables users to collaboratively create and use information while also providing a community context. Socialware has been applied to learning environments for many years, predominantly through shared discussion forums/BBSs. Recently new socialware technologies have become available, notably weblogs and wikis. Their use is yet in the early stages, and has remained for the most part un-researched.

The goals of this workshop include: (1) introduce various social software tools, (2) provide examples of their use in the edu space, (3) discuss other possible applications, (4) outline a research agenda concerning how social software is used in academia, and (5) create connections for collaborative projects and studies.

Hope it doesn’t coincide with Persistent conversations minitrack I’ll be attenting (with conversational blogging paper), so I can be there… Going to find out more.

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2004/11/23.html#a1440; comments are here.

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