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  Wednesday, November 10, 2004

  KM Europe 2004: highlights

Back from KM Europe... Some highlights:

  • VIP pass from Knowledge Board team so I could go to all keynotes
  • Bean bags in a coffee area that worked well as a metaphor a couple of times: talking about technology that shapes around you and thinking about shaping workplaces to make you happy.
  • Getting a group of people for lunch, promising to show them "a place with a better food" and discovering that all "better food" places in a congress centre were closed.
  • Free WiFi area given that commercial rates are pretty high (Martin Roell suggested that this was an intended hole in a network made by geeks for other geeks :)
  • Fun of introducing people in a meaningful (I hope :) way
  • KMwalk in Red Light District
  • Thinking on "amplified networking" inspired by Karl-Erik Sveiby and Dave Snowden
  • Martin Dugage walking to the coffee corner when I was sure he wouldn't be at KM Europe
  • 40+ people at personal KM workshop, energy of conversations in the room and thrill of facilitating it
  • PKM dinner fun: people, talks, cockroach killed, food, collecting dinner payments from 35 people, more talking…
  • Future PKM research planning with Piers Young and Florian Heidecke
  • Finding out that Roberta Cuel comes to Enschede (this is where I live :)
  • Not finding energy to join Heiko Haller for a tango party, but finding that I can actually dance it in a middle of coffee area
  • Invitation from Richard McDermott to join his workshop and discovering his work on knowledge work
  • Talking with John Seely Brown about weblogs, wikis, legitimised theft and meeting at Hawaii
  • People I have never met recognising my face or my name or telling that they read my weblog
  • Not being able to visit any vendor stands
  • Meeting people, conversations and a sense of community

Thinking themes:

  • "Amplified networking"
  • Personal productivity factors
  • Managing "personal knowledge managers": simple rules and emergence, getting things done, organisational support and critical mass
  • Triggering reflection
  • "Fear factor": fear as a barrier, fear as a driving force
  • Different types of networks
  • Learning to be
  • Defining community and community boundaries

Many notes drafted, hope to post them during coming days (and if you want to help you can cross your fingers to make C&T 2005 deadline extended, so I can blog :)

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