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LiveTopics wishlist or topic-based blogging support

One of the directions that keep on popping up when I’m thinking about blogging in KM context is topic-based blogging. There are a couple of reasons behind it:

  • personal – if blogs are used as a personal knowledge management tool than ability to tag posts is important to be able to organise, retrieve and share them
  • corporate – once weblogs are used in a company one would want to be able to slice an aggregated stream of posts into topic-based streams to support knowledge sharing

liveTopics and k-collector are good examples of personal vs. corporate implementations (see also: liveTopics and k-collector compared) and del.icio.us is an example of connecting personal and shared views on topics together.

In this post I’d like to focus on personal side and describe what topic-based blogging functionalities one may want as a blogger. And because I’m very practical and selfish I’d describe it as my liveTopics wishlist 🙂

What liveTopics do now

  • allow adding topics for every weblog posts – e.g. check this post via browser
  • display a list of posts per topic – e.g. my posts about liveTopics
  • display topics as a frequency list or recently updated list – e.g. my topic index
  • provide an interface for managing topics (renaming/deleting + backup + some settings)

My liveTopics wishlist

  • Printing
    • I’d like to be able to print posts for a topic or combination of topics (so far I can think of AND/OR combinations, but may be I’d want more once related topics are there 😉
  • Aggregation
    • Topics indication in my RSS feed (e.g. in ENT format)
    • RSS feed for each topic (ideally for a combination of topics as well 🙂
  • Related topics
  • Visualising
  • Small liveTopics/Radio specific things
    • Shortcuts for topics added automatically
    • Expanding of posts by topic in topic index pages

Of course, I wonder how many of those things are “nice to have”/”Lilia specific” and which features would be used by many blogger, but this is a “further research direction” as I’d write in a paper 🙂

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2004/10/13.html#a1384; comments are here.

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