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  Monday, October 11, 2004

  Role-playing vs. multiple identities

Talking with Rick about masks, roles and theater and reading Torill's dissertation (Pleasures of the Player: Flow and Control in Online Games, 1,6MB pdf) connected when I realised that I do not really enjoy role playing while I like playing with my multiple identities.

Drawing the line between these two is not easy, but so far I think about multiple identities as different sides of myself and about role-playing as taking a role of someone who is not me (elf assassin for example :). Need to dig into theory to get it clear...

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  Vacation defined

Was thinking what defines a vacation... Some may think that I spoiled my little vacation by doing work-related stuff - reading papers as well as talking about weblogs and geeky things with Ben Hammersley, Riccardo Cambiassi, Mark Rendeiro and some blogless people - but I still feel that this was a vacation and not work.

So I came with a definition:

Vacation is the time when I do only things that I feel like doing and not things that I have to do.

It worked pretty much that way (apart from waking up at 6:30 today in the morning to catch a train :)

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