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  Saturday, October 09, 2004

  Get away random thinking

A few strange days. Travelling, relaxed, beauty of Florence, wine tasting, great conversations with people I just met, good food, some geeky talks, sunshine, walking around...

Feels so strange getting online after a few hours walking in Assisi, being silent, soaking into the atmoshpere of old walls, stories about saints' lifes, more stories on walls of cathedrals, without beginning and without an end, more sunshine...

Was sitting on a wall watching sun going down the valley and reading a book I picked up in a random bookstore in Florence, Sold. It's about a story of Zana Muhsen, a girl raised in UK and sold into a marriage into Yemen by her Yemeni father at the age of sixteen. It's about faith and fight, loosing and finding hope, as well as about differences between cultures that may be just a few hours flying in between. Being surrounded by medieval walls made the story of learning to live in a stone house more real, made me feeling how fragile is what we have now and take for granted...

Anyway, time to get some food. Hopefully I can find some grapes to fit old pecorino of unknown variety that tastes so good. It's may be a good alternative to eating in a place full of tourists :)

Thanks to everyone for the birthday greetings. I'll be back to email in a couple of days.

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