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Talking about RSS in a company

Just a quick recap of some ideas from today’s internal presentation on RSS…

Questions people ask

  • What’s in it for me?
  • Why is it better than existing ways of distributing/aggregating data?
  • How many feeds are there? Where do I find them? What if a website doesn’t have an RSS feed?
  • How comes that it is supposed to reduce information overload if it looks like increasing it?

Lessons learnt

Think of strong arguments that explain/illustrate why with RSS things could be done differently (ideally examples should be taken from the context of people in your audience).

Think of existing examples of RSS feeds that would be interesting for people in your audience. Not necessary job related – finding an RSS feed of hot vacation deals may do the trick.

Think of possible uses of RSS internally (ideally if you can get a support from a couple of different departments, so it can illustrate a need for RSS from different perspectives).

Get someone without a Blogger reputation to speak. Ideally someone without a weblog. Ideally talk about RSS before you scare people with weblogs 🙂

More general considerations when you think about RSS uses in a company (with additions of insights from “around BlogWalk” talks in London)

RSS bandwidth problem, its likelyhood and possible solutions.

Access rights: security for internal RSS feeds and reuse of external (commercial) RSS feeds.

Tools to produce RSS: integration with existing systems, reusing metadata as much as possible and reducing manual work.

RSS readers: integration with existing tools (e.g. Outlook), low/no hassle installation and support, ability to cope with access rights.

“Filtered” (according to user preferences) RSS feeds: smart filtering/meta-data/topic matching, selected feeds to choose from, expert filtering.

Introduction trajectory (just thinking aloud here)

  • Got some early adopters of RSS readers internally and talk to them to find how “RSS lifestyle” fits in the company.
  • Find/create a critical mass of RSS feeds relevant for people in a company.
  • Sort out access rights issues.
  • Make sure RSS reading tools are there, easy to use and well integrated with existing systems.
  • Now talk about it…

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