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Finding blogs linking to a specific blog post: Bloglines Citations for Radio and Movable Type

If you happen to come across my older post Finding blogs linking to a specific blog post: test results you know that so far “Blogines” seem to be the best solution. Just a bit after my experiment Seb developed Bloglines citation bookmarklet that allows you to see Bloglines citations for a page you are browsing. Since then I was thinking of a macro that would do something similar to Technorati Cosmos macro, but for Bloglines.

Now I’m happy 🙂

Matt Mower has developed Bloglines citation macro for Radio. Add it your item template and it will add a link to Bloglines citations for each of your posts showing posts from other weblogs linking to it.

I guess this explanation is quite confusing, so just go to Matt’s post, click to “links from other weblogs” and you’ll see how it works.

And, if your blog runs on Movable Type, you can make your readers happy as well with BlogLines Citations Movable Type plugin by Riccardo Cambiassi.

It shouldn’t be difficult to do for other weblog tools as well, so I hope that something like this would be there soon.

Why do I care? Because for me blogging is about conversations and knowing who links to your posts makes conversations possible (and I even wrote a paper saying this 🙂

And, in case Mark Fletcher reads this post, having Bloglines citations as RSS feed is the next thing that would make me happy ;)))

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2004/10/05.html#a1375; comments are here.

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