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Bloglines web services and making me happy

Mark Fletcher shares Bloglines news that appear in their web services press-release a day later (thanks to Brian Dennis for the pointer):

Three leading desktop news feed and blog aggregators announced today that they have implemented new open application programming interfaces (API) and Web Services from Bloglines (www.bloglines.com) that connect their applications to Bloglines’ free online service for searching, subscribing, publishing and sharing news feeds, blogs and rich web content. FeedDemon (www.bradsoft.com), NetNewsWire (www.ranchero.com), and Blogbot (www.blogbot.com) are the first desktop software applications to use the open Bloglines Web Services.

What does it mean in practice:

  • eliminating RSS bandwith problem
  • “Bloglines Web Services transform hundreds of thousands of existing feeds into “clean RSS” and insulates developers from the current blog syndication format wars
  • support for synchronisation between web-based and desktop aggregation (someone out there seem to listens to my problems 😉


Bloglines Web Services are free, open source and available at www.bloglines.com/services/ for interested developers wishing to work with on current and future projects.

Usually when I talk about blogging tools and some functionality that is not there yet I bluff saying “but given that in this community developers and users find ways to talk to each other some technology is likely to be there in half a year”. In some cases it actually works 🙂

And, while I was at Mark Fletcher’s blog I discovered that Bloglines now have ‘Keep new’ feature to mark individual blog entries as unread that I managed to miss (using Bloglines daily :). This is something I was dreaming about since I found that marking all recent posts unread in my case results in piles of unread stuff.

One more reason to like Bloglines

Update: I guess I know what desktop reader I’m going to use next to Bloglines 🙂

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2004/09/29.html#a1365; comments are here.

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