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  Monday, September 13, 2004

  Soon in UK: BlogWalk 4.0, Internet Research 5.0 and ?

What am I going to do after I'm done with my current deadlines? A bit of travelling :)

17 September, London - BlogWalk 4.0

After many uncertainties it is confirmed: BlogWalk 4.0, 17 September, London, UK. The focus this time will be on the future of work under influence of social software, e.g. blogging within the firewall.

If you think you should be there, please, contact me or Ton.

18-22 September, University of Sussex - Internet Research 5.0

Internet Research 5.0 is a 5th annual conference of the Association of Internet Researchers (of which I'm a proud lurking member :)

23-26 September - ???

Don't have return ticket yet (love budget airlines :), so would consider opportunities for meeting f2f people from UK weblog crowd or discussing/presenting work-related stuff (social software/(personal) knowledge management and whatever other topics you've seen in this weblog ;).

Any suggestions are welcome...

It's going to be a nice trip: UK was my first trip abroad more than 10 years back and I haven't been there since...

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  Papers on awareness

Before I lose them in e-mail - articles on awareness from Robert.

I'm looking for research on awarenss, so please alert me if you know some good articles to read as a starting point...

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  On the bursty evolution of blogspace

Kumar, R., Novak, J., Raghaven, P., & Tomkins, A. (2003). On the bursty evolution of blogspace. Proceedings of the twelfth international conference on World Wide Web (pp. 568-576). Budapest, Hungary.

Abstract. We propose two new tools to address the evolution of hyperlinked corpora. First, we define time graphs to extend the traditional notion of an evolving directed graph, capturing link creation as a point phenomenon in time. Second, we develop definitions and algorithms for time-dense community tracking, to crystallize the notion of community evolution. We develop these tools in the context of Blogspace, the space of weblogs (or blogs). Our study involves approximately 750K links among 25K blogs. We create a time graph on these blogs by an automatic analysis of their internal time stamps. We then study the evolution of connected component structure and microscopic community structure in this time graph. We show that Blogspace underwent a transition behavior around the end of 2001, and has been rapidly expanding over the past year, not just in metrics of scale, but also in metrics of community structure and connectedness. This expansion shows no sign of abating, although measures of connectedness must plateau within two years. By randomizing link destinations in Blogspace, but retaining sources and timestamps, we introduce a concept of randomized Blogspace. Herein, we observe similar evolution of a giant component, but no corresponding increase in community structure. Having demonstrated the formation of micro-communities over time, we then turn to the ongoing activity within active communities. We extend recent work of Kleinberg [11] to discover dense periods of "bursty" intra-community link creation.

Very interesting and pretty technical (for me) research showing that evolution of the blogosphere is not a result of random connections between weblogs. Very much in line with Emergence. Now I'm even more curious to discover those simple practices that lead to self-organisation...

Thanks to anonymous reviewer (who seems to be well informed about weblog research and had good suggestion, so I'd love to talk :)

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