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Personal KM model: new version drafted

I had a growing dissatisfaction with the way my 3 circle personal KM model (one of drafts, final version is here) represent my ideas, so the discussion on it during my PhD presentation last week was the last drop…

One of the problems with current representation seems to be the fact that this is a Venn diagram (didn’t know it was called that way, thanks to Jonathan for alerting), which is supposed to represent overlapping sets. I didn’t intend to use Venn diagram for my model, it just came to be an easy way to organise my ideas. Last few days I was playing with some other ways of stucturing them. This is what I’ve got so far:

New version of personal KM model by Lilia Efimova

It describes what is managed within personal knowledge management (or functions of one-person enterprise). I’m aware that ‘managed’ is a wrong word – many of activities happen implicitly – but I don’t have a better one yet.

Still not happy. Some concerns:

  • me
    • Don’t know if I should keep individual as in the earlier version.
  • ideas
    • I’d talk about knowledge here, but it has too many contradictory definitions.
    • Also use of knowledge would create a problem with the whole model as, for example, relations include knowledge about another person and awareness could be defined as knoweldge about contexts.
  • others
    • Have communities & networks in the earlier version. Not sure what is better: of course, one can think about relation with a community, but it’s more about one-to-one relations.
  • artifacts
    • Actually here I think about knowledge representations, but this label has the same problem as knowledge.
    • Also has something to do with information, but more of “information in a specific form” as knoweldge representation
    • One more problem with artefacts: they could easily be pieces of conversations (e.g. e-mail) or relations (e.g. business card). Same as with knowledge
    • Not sure it’s a good word anyway. Sylvie is looking for synonims too.
  • awareness
    • Simply defined awareness is knowledge about context. Critical for knowledge work, IMHO.
    • Awareness is even less likely to be ‘managed’, most of it is about implicit learning and picking cues from the environment. More on it to come – I’m digging out relevant research.

Your comments are welcome (I know that posting it on Sunday doesn’t help getting feedback, but I have to get it out to be able to focus on other things 🙂

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2004/09/12.html#a1347; comments are here.

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