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Micro-content dinners with Marc Canter

Micro-Content RoadShow. Click for a better view.I had a pleasure of joining two micro-content dinners with Marc Canter (one and two). These dinners are part of Marc’s summer04 Roadshow (not finished yet, so you can catch up with Marc on 11 September in Trieste and 13 September in London).

Being familiar with Marc’s online personality I was curious to meet him in person. That was worth it 🙂

Marc is here on a mission: making Digital Lifestyle Aggregators real. It looks a bit complex once Marc dives into technical details of specific projects, but the idea is simple: turning technologies we use into “an open, decentralized, semantic, service oriented, fun world”. Think of the blogosphere and aggregation as a model…

Next to good food in a good company and unexpected connections I found one more side of these dinners fascinating: meeting Marc’s family, Lisa, Mimi and Lucy, and observing Marc weaving tech-talks and singing with his daughter into a coherent whole. It’s pretty much about digital lifestyle 🙂

And – Marc, Lisa, thanks for hosting me!

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