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Our BlogTalk paper: Shared conceptualisations in weblogs

Here it comes: paper on our work presented at BlogTalk.

Anjo Anjewierden, Rogier Brussee and Lilia Efimova (2004). Shared conceptualisations in weblogs (.pdf). Presented at BlogTalk 2.0, 5-6 July 2004, Vienna, Austria.

Abstract. In this paper we investigate how conceptualisations can be identified in weblogs using language technology (automated text analysis). We focus on getting a handle on both the concepts bloggers use and the way they think these concepts are related. The analysis of these conceptualisations can then be applied to a single weblog, resulting in a visualisation of potential conceptualisations the blogger wants to share with the outside world. Another type of analysis is to determine the overlap, or sharedness, of conceptualisations between bloggers. We have implemented both analysis approaches in an interactive tool.

The tool we presented, Sigmund will be made public, but Anjo is still working on it.

This post also appears on channel weblog research

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2004/09/06.html#a1333; comments are here.

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