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Personal KM at KM Europe

It’s time to start preparing for KM Europe. This year it’s in Amsterdam again, 8-10 November. Apart from keynotes and specific workshops the conference is free, which turns it into a good networking event since it’s easy to join.

Talking about personal KM at “BlogWalk3”, Piers Young, Ton Zijlstra and me discussed an idea of organising a session on pKM at KM Europe. At this moment I’m talking with organisers to see if something like that would be possible…

So far the idea is to talk about:

  • value of personal KM
  • relation between personal KM and KM initiatives organisation-wide
  • pKM how-to – methods and tools (talking about weblogs between other things)

So, if you are

  • planning to be at KM Europe and interested to join the session
  • have ideas how to organise it or want to speak
  • have any connections with KM Europe organisers or host a session there

please let me know…

And – I also started KM Europe TopicExchange channel, so make sure you notify it if you post something about it.

See also: notes from KM Europe 2004 by me and others.

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