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Weblog by Inna Kouper and finding people writing about you

One more weblog to read – Working notes by Inna Kouper. Inna is a member of BROG (blog research on genre) group (more). I had a pleasure of exchanging e-mails with Inna, finding common Russian roots and watching her blog taking shape…

There are some good article reviews in Inna’s weblog, so I enjoyed reading for a while, but funny enough that my commenting was triggered by a relatively simple question:

I got the first comment on one of my posts. I really wonder how people find out that I am writing about them.

This is mysterious and exciting …

Originally I commented to the post, but then decided to copy it here as well. Could be interesting for others or for myself in retrospect. It’s slightly edited and linked.

Finding who is writing about you is not that difficult 🙂

Ther easiest way is Technorati – it shows links to your weblog from homepages of other weblogs.

Next to it many people can see their referrer logs – pages that bring visitors – but it depends on a software/hosting you use.

And, of course, there are many options for “egosurfing” – seaching for your name/weblog title/url in whatever search engine. Google may do, but to find blog specific references you may want to use search in Bloglines or Feedster. The best thing about the last two is that you can subscribe to a search via RSS and be notified when someone mentiones you… Finally, there is PubSub. It gives search results only in RSS, but if you can manage it (as well as complex search arguments) you can get links from all weblogs mentioning something of you. I like this one most 🙂

Almost forgot – there are Trackbacks as well :)))

See also: For me blogging is about conversations (why looking for others writing about you), Finding blogs linking to a specific blog post: test results (more specific how-to) and Why looking at practices of blogging is important in weblog research (associative thinking 🙂

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