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Blogademia – weblog research blog by Scott Nowson

Another weblog research blog – Blogademia by Scott Nowson (via Torill Mortensen). Scott is doing PhD research on weblogs. More specific:

What am I doing with blogs?

As I said above, I am interested in studying personal blogs. Blogs which are, for the most part, the thoughts and words of one person. More specifically, I am studying writing style.

Writing style in blogs is something that has been discussed informally, in a number of places, mostly, unsurprisingly, in blogs.

I am going to be looking for trends in style, as the relate to the character of the author. By style I mean linguistic features such as those used by the stylistics community for authorship attribution, such as sentence length, word bigrams and trigrams, and parts-of-speech. And by character, I mean just that.

To be even more specific: Scott is doing an experiment analysing one month’s posts by native English speaking bloggers. Of course it’s a pity that non-native speakers are excluded 🙂

Curious to know more about the analysis method… Could be interesting to combine with things that Sigmund can do.

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2004/08/30.html#a1324; comments are here.

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