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  Wednesday, July 21, 2004

  Radio evening: lessons learnt

Today Radio didn't behave well again, so I spent some time in the discussion group trying to figure out what to so. As some of the exchanges went back and forth I just summarise them here.

Radio discussion group has RSS feed, but it's hidden, so you wouldn't know unless you ask.

If you are (like me) struggling with lots of small problems, it's may be a good idea to clean Radio. As a result of using a tricky combination of scripts from Steve Hooker I managed to reduce my data files to half of their original size and to fix some other things. At this moment there are no simple "how-to" instructions, so check the discussion (make sure you read everything before starting :)

Steve also developed some other tools for Radio:

Btw, Steve was very helpful answering all my questions and his company also offers services in developing corporate blogging (so you know whom to ask :)

  KM journals and magazines

The list comes from my colleague Guido Annokkee, who works for our internal information center (and although Guido and his colleagues are much more than librarians I worship them :)

I'm looking for a good journal for publishing on my PhD research. At this moment I'm reworking personal something management paper into a journal article (restructuring and adding theory), but thinking about more...

Please, let me know if you know other relevant journals, have comments about those from the list or can give specific recommendations which one I should choose.

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  On cultural stereotypes

Just filled in a survey from my company on "how do I want our canteen to operate?" (we are moving to a new building in few months). One of the questions was about time when I'd like to have lunch, giving me an opportunity to choose between 4 options of 30 minutes long.

I guess you need to be Dutch to assume that 30 minutes is enough for lunch :) I want 1-1,5h, good food and preferably a walk after it, but there is no way to fill it in... I guess I should spend lunch time in another country :)))

Just an example of how often we try to put others in the frame of our own experiences... Guilty of that as well :)

One of my professional quests is about recognising and appreciating differences, getting out of the box of your own stereotypes and habits, finding multiple perspectives... I guess it's coming from my belief in multipolar world.

Back to work.

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