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  Saturday, July 17, 2004

  India: dreams into plans

Instead of sleeping I'm totally trapped by Indian stories of Stephanie Booth... Just two pieces I loved:

A Day in India

As she had tried to domesticate Indian time, she had little by little, without being really aware of it, inserted herself in the outside world in this strange way that Indians have, allowing a part of her individuality to dissolve into it. The world she now lived in was not the tame world of her homeland; it was wild and unpredictable like the feral cats who lurked in and out of the kitchen and rubbish heap during the night. She was living in the uncharted territories, in a place where our rules do not apply; and to survive she had had to dive deep into it, losing some of herself in the process.

A Tourist in India

Iíve always hated being associated with Ďtouristsí, in India or elsewhere.

Tourists come to see, not to share. They watch the world outside from cozy A/C boxes. They are impolite, they donít know how to dress or behave, they canít eat the food or find their way around without a map. They see what they are meant to see, stay in places specially designed for them, and buy things in shops that nobody else would buy. They have money, lots of it.

In some ways, I have to admit that I am indeed a tourist. I take lots of photographs. I buy loads of stuff in shops to bring back to Switzerland for my enjoyment and that of others. I donít really keep an eye on what I spend, I eat in nice places, I go to the cinema as often as I like.

But on the other hand, I much prefer trying to share the life of Ďnormalí people or just walk around the town Iím staying in, rather than sleep in expensive places and do the things that only the tourists do.

I like people. I do my best not to turn them into objects. I like everzday life. I like soaking in the atmosphere of a place or time.

Bringing all memories of my 4-long-years-back trip to India again... One more reminder that it's time to stop dreaming and start planning...

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  Improving Knowledge Workers' Productivity and Organisational Knowledge Sharing with Weblog-based Personal Publishing

In case you wonder what to read this weekend: Martin Roell published 0.9 version of the paper for his BlogTalk presentation - Distributed KM - Improving Knowledge Workers' Productivity and Organisational Knowledge Sharing with Weblog-based Personal Publishing.

This paper briefly explores the failure of traditional knowledge management to adress the problem of knowledge worker productivity and argues that a deeper understanding of knowledge work is necessary to improve it. It then explores knowledge work and how it is supported with information technology tools today, focussing specially on the email client as a knowledge work tool.

The paper introduces weblogs as personal publishing tools for knowledge workers and shows how personal publishing supports knowledg work processes, is personally beneficial to the knowledge worker and helps the dissemination of knowledge through an organisation.

Martin intergrates lots of thinking on "blogs in KM", so, next to an interesting read by itself, this paper is a good starting point to discover follow-up reading.

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