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Trip report (1): blogs and wikis implemented

Ideas and presentations about implementations of weblogs and wikis from conferences I visited (see other themes). These are the highlights grouped in themes (relevant for our research); I’ll try to link to full sources as much as possible.

Weblog imlementations in corporate settings

Distributed KM – Improving Knowledge Workers’ Productivity and Organisational Knowledge Sharing with Weblog-based Personal Publishing by Martin Röll at BlogTalk 2.0

Informal, joined up knowledge sharing using connected weblogs in pursuit of Mental Health service improvement by Lee Bryant at BlogTalk 2.0

Using Weblogs as Project Management Tools in innovative projects by Michael Schuster at BlogTalk 2.0

  • abstract, presentation, wiki notes
  • case study: multi-author project weblog with students for real-life project => used as discussion board, not very interactive, topics not used

Enhancing Blogs with a dual interaction design by Brigitte Roemmer-Nossek at BlogTalk 2.0

  • abstract, wiki notes
  • case study: virtual communication among a class of trainees and among their coaches during on-the-job training
  • results
    • coaches didn’t expept the tool (not many, mainly to communicate with trainees, but not between each other), trainees did
    • weblogs worked better than discussion forum and chat in two previous cases

Learning from weblogs of others (re: weblog apprenticeship)

Legitimised theft: Distributed apprenticeship in weblog networks, our own work, presented at I-KNOW KM/learning track

    • paper, presentation
    • conceptual framework, “public weblogs” case and possible limitations of implementing in companies

    Using weblogs for eliciting new experiences and creating learning elements for experienced-based information systems by Gabriela Avram, Eric Ras, Stephan Weibelzahl, presented at I-KNOW KM/learning track

      • Gabriela, is anything online?
      • a case of weblog implementation in a company
      • study of how weblog posts could be useful as resources for (more) formal learning programs => yes, they are useful

      Collective blogging from the view of a context-oriented understanding of knowledge by Markus Glötzel at BlogTalk 2.0

        • abstract, wiki notes
        • a case of weblog implementation
        • study of how people contextualise observations through blogging and what others can learn from it => weblogs allowed totally exterior person to construct narrative based on what information had been stored in the weblogs

        Beyond webpublishing: a journey into reading… lurking… learning… – my presentation at EdMedia symposium on weblogs and learning

          Weblogs in educational settings

          Seeding conversational learning environments: Running a course on personal webpublishing and weblogs by Sebastian Fiedler at BlogTalk 2.0

          Don’t remember the title, but it was interesting by Adrian Miles at EdMedia symposium on weblogs and learning

          Blogging as a dynamic, transformative medium in the writing classroom of an American Liberals Arts College by Barbara Ganley at BlogTalk 2.0

          Blogging in higher education: 10 thoughts/lessons by Tom de Bruyne at BlogTalk 2.0

          Weblogs in journalism

          Blog to work: blogging and journalism by Jane Perrone at BlogTalk 2.0

          • abstract, wiki notes
          • on experiences writing weblogs for Guardian Unlimited: personal blogging vs. blogging for work; role of weblogs in news coverage

          From weblogs to wikis

          Bottom up Knowledge Management with Weblogs and SnipSnap by Stephan J. Schmidt & Matthias L. Jugel

          Roughing up processes the Wiki Way – Knowledge communities in the context of work and learning processes by Frank Fuchs-Kittowski, David Fuhr, André Köhler at I-KNOW KM/learning track

          • hope presentation will be online soon
          • one more case of wiki implementation in Fraunhofer, this time in connection with formal learning program

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