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BlogTalk 2.0: Recovery program

Ton on BlogTalk dreaming – Dreamfeed: You know it’s been intense….

……when you dream about blogging the BlogTalk conference………when you wake up realising you forgot what you were blogging in your dream………and then think, ah well, I’ll check the RSS feed of it later, and copy it from there. ;D

It’s been great the past three days! Thanks to everyone who made that possible.


Did not have any dreams about blogging: travel, lack of sleep and information overload make me falling into dreamless sleep at every opportunity.

I am still on the road, now on a short detour in Italy, blending sightseeing, good food and noone to talk about weblogs into a recovery program. I will be back home on Sunday, so hope to write on two conferences before BlogTalk, to edit my BlogTalk notes and to post reflections on what all these new ideas mean for me and my research.

But the best part of this travel was meeting people. Thanks for all for sharing f2f time, food, drinks, walks and creative conversations (and special thanks to Sebastian and Rick for their company during various part of this trip).

Now leaving coolness of Internet cafe for treasures of Bologna…

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