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BlogTalk 2.0: Mena and Ben Trott

Mena and Ben Trott: Blogs, Bandwidth, and Banjos: Tightly Knit Bonds in Weblogging

  • “Weblogging revolution”: when weblogs become invisible, embedded in what you do
  • TypePad
    • 33% of TypePad weblogs are private (not indexed, not pinging, etc.)
    • 10% are password-protected
    • -> only exist for those who are intended to see them
  • Why do you out them online then?
  • Behaviour influences tools

The bottom line: I’m not impressed. Mena and Ben wasn’t here yesterday, were 15 minute late for their keynote presentation and didn’t really tell anything new (apart from the banjo story that was entertaining, but more appropriate in another context). May be there are some serious reasons behind it, but it looks like the attitude.

For me it’s quite connected with yesterday’s discussion about developers not listening to their users 🙂

Update: Mena has posted on the talk, so you can judge for yourself. It’s a pity that Mena and Ben didn’t have time to communicate – their experience could add to the conversation… Anyway, online is always there…

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