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I’m somewhere in between – feel like writing down things and at the same time not wanting to spend time on it since life interactions are so much fun 🙂

BlogWalk 3.0 went well: lots of new people, good conversations and walking around Vienna make a great mix. It’s too late to write a summary, so just notes for myself (sorry for being cryptic):

  • more thinking on community discovery
  • conversations bounded to a community: social visibility, overlapping reading lists, shared thinking space, expectations and trust
  • actions: strong ties, trust, shared space, leadership (re: why weblogs are not good for actions)
  • awareness networks vs. action networks
  • multiple weblogs or multiple categories?
  • pKM action points

See notes by Suw, Adalbert (also photos), Lee, Anu, Markus, Sebastian, Ton, Elmine

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Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2004/07/05.html#a1257; comments are here.

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