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BlogTalk 2.0: Torill Mortensen

Torill Elvira Mortensen: Dialogue in slow motion – the pleasure of writing and reading across the web (see notes and links)

All bloggers assume the other

We are hardwired to accept the existence of others and to communicate with them

  • Communicating as a need
  • Connection with Emergence: sells communicating with each other

What makes us different from sleem molds is the sophistication of our needs and tools we use

Blogs are between oral and written communication: oral immediacy and informality, written persistence and formality

  • We expect turn-taking as a given right and not one of the possibilities

We need to start learning to live with different modalities

Tezt as a play between authors and readers: in between blog posts, in the space created by links

  • Space between texts could be compared to sidewalks (re: Emergence again + city metaphor 😉
  • Blogger strolls slowly through the city: you don’t understand neighbourhood by driving through it

You can choose the level and the mode of this game (commenct and trackbacks are for hard-core blog players 🙂

Loved this talk: as a beautiful interplay of ideas, conversations, examples and themes in the blogosphere

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Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2004/07/05.html#a1262; comments are here.

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