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BlogTalk 2.0: Panel 4 – blog adoption and blog communities

Azeem Azhar / Stefan Glänzer / Max Niederhofer: Does blogging suck?

not many notes as I was reloading

  • an interesting study of correlation of blogger characteristics with growth of 26 communities in different countries
  • quantitive data (want to see the slides)
  • qualitative
    • three types of epitaths (“leaving notes”) and correlation with returning
    • mobile blogging: heavy start and then drop-of; if heavy usage is for weeks, then it stays

Nico Lumma “The German Blogosphere – some facts and figures”

  • Interesting stats and implications re: German blogs, find presentation

Michael Schuster “Applying Social Network Analysis to a small Weblog Community: Hubs, Power Laws, the Ego Effect and the Evolution of Social Networks”

  • community “connections”
    • comments – 40%
    • blogroll – 40%
    • stories – 20%
  • incoming links
    • 20% blogs have no links
    • 60% blogs have less then 3 links
  • linking is necessary for the discovery?
  • community pressure from A-list blogs is something that turns people away: linking practices of A-list bloggers define the interconnectedness of a community


  • Numbers of password-protected blogs
  • 10-30% of hosted blogs
  • Numbers of weblogs: should they be calculated relative to the population?
  • Effects of media attention on growth of weblog numbers?
    • many new weblogs, but most drop-out fast
    • practices?
  • How to encourage people to blog?
  • Practices?
    • types of bloggers?
    • closed communities
    • clusters of German blogs are platform based (not in other countries?)
    • try to be part of local community and to strengthen it: why professional blogs?
    • ask questions better – communities vs. social pressure

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