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BlogTalk 2.0: Panel 3

Juan J. Merelo / Beatriz Prieto / Fernando Tricas: Blogosphere community formation, structure and visualization

  • Maps as projections, multiple projections are possible
  • Evolution of communities
    • where and how weblogs travel over time
    • future trajectories

You need to see the presentation for it…

Talked to JJ yesterday, they have some tools available for a use… have so many ideas for joint work…

Markus Oswald / Brigitte Roemmer-Nossek / Erich Gstrein / Markus F. Peschl: Enhancing Blogs with a Dual Interaction Design

  • Implementation case: virtual communication among a class of trainees and among their coaches during on-the-job training
    • Two panels in editing modes: topic-based visual navigation + editing window
    • Results
      • Coaches didn’t expept the tool (not many, mainly to communicate with trainees, but not between each other), trainees did
      • Weblogs worked better than discussion forum and chat in two previous cases
  • The tool also used in other cases

I wonder if success is due to the “dual” design or something else?

  • I asked later: seems that it’s not much of the interface

Mikel Maron: Weblogs and Location, beyond the limits of physical and virtual space

  • Nice ideas and applications for geocoding in blogs
  • Location.root for Radio and plug-ins for other tools


  • Hospitality that makes gurus?
  • Links vs. content: how they are correlated?
  • JJ: mapping communities based on links vs. based on content would give similar results.
  • Don’t think so (re: links are not only about content, but also sign of relations, which are more than content connections)
  • Where would you place you next dollar?
    • Brigitte: consulting for organisations
  • Dialogue vs. desire of being found: moving weblog as a result of someone finding it
  • Anonimity in public vs. intranet (re: Elmine’s power differences)
  • This post also appears on channels BlogTalk and weblog research

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