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BlogTalk 2.0: Panel 1 – tools in contexts

Stephan J. Schmidt / Matthias L. Jugel: Bottom up Knowledge Management with Weblogs and SnipSnap (presentation)

These guys do some interesting work with SnipSnap (integrated weblog/wiki solution) in Fraunhofer, but they talked mainly about bottom-up KM (which is kind of “common knowledge” in the blogosphere) and failed explaining the interesting part (what exactly they do, how people are motivated and the rest of details).

Daniel Dögl: “Zoomblox – A Universe Of Topics From Children For Children” (slides)

A great example what could be done with weblogs if you care: weblogging tool for kids, well thought interface, architecture and policies (should be on at www.zoombox.at somewhere autunm 2004).

Jörg Kantel: Turn Your Radio On or Tweaking And Tuning Your Weblog

Funny and entertaining talk on weblogs as an alternative media. Hope the presentation will be online, because it’s a lot of interesting things that I don’t want to type 🙂

Jon Hoem: Videoblogs as ‘Collective Documentary’ (presentation, presentation notes)

Two traditions: vogs (Adrian Miles) and moblogs; lots of interesting stuff after. Since talking with Adrian I’m getting an idea that videoblogs can be actually one step closer to be used than I thought before…


  • I asked what types of user studies they do. As far as I can there is much user studies, most just guided by their own perceptions on what users want…
  • What is a critical mass of people you need blogging to move it on in the company? We have to redefine what is critical mass 🙂 Obviousely it’s not in numbers…
  • Memory: achirves, wikis, documentary – is it unexpored area of blogging?

Other notes: Anu Gupta, Martin Roell, wiki: BlogTalkNotesPanel1

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