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[sent via e-mail on 24 June 2004]

My home PC is disconnected again, so I have no idea when I will be able to post. hopefully my friends can fix it before I’m back, otherwise I will be disconnected for two more weeks. Anyway, I need to get all these impressions out of my head.

Ed-Media has been a strange experience. The conference is huge – 1500 people – difficult to get an overview and to get around (also presentations are in two buildings with 10 min walk in between). The chances for serendipity should be good, but I really miss a cosy atmosphere and easy-to-establish-good-connections of smaller conferenced. But may be my reaction is due to the fact that it’s not on my core topic anymore.

Anyway, so far I had great experiences. Between others conversations with Adrian Miles and Jenny Preece. These two alone would make it worth travelling.

Hovewer the main reason for being here was a simposia on weblogs and learning that we have organised. We had a few things to work out as part of the people who were going to come couldn’t make it at the end. To be fair I was surprised: participants managed to survive three of us presenting in a row and stayed for a long discussion. We had an interested and responsive audience, so at the end the lack of presenters turned out to be a good thing: we had almost one hour for a discussion. I hope to post presentations once my connection gets better.

Strangely my energy level is so low now that I can’t even write a summary 🙂 Mix of stress, impressions and hot weather, I guess.

Later: see notes by Adrian Miles

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