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Travel plans

Finally I’m leaving for so long expected “summer conference tour”… No way I could finish everything in time, so my bags a full of paper and digital pieces to work on. Anyway, it feels much better than working in the office.

So, where I’m going to be next few weeks

  • 23-26 June – Ed-Media, Lugano, Switzerland
  • 27 June – Genoa, Italy
  • 28 June – Milan, Italy
  • 29 June – 2 July – I-KNOW, Graz, Austria
  • 3-7 July – BlogWalk / BlogTalk, Vienna, Austria
  • 8-10 July – (still clarifying) Milan, Italy

If you are around and want to meet – please, get in touch. I should be quite well connected during the conferences.

Sitting in Schiphol airport waiting for the plane. Please keep your fingers crossed for me – I have to manage to get last train connection from Milan to Lugano 🙂

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