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Legitimised theft: le sandwich corse de clotilde

If you didn’t talk about it with me face-to-face you don’t know that I’m reading quite a few food/cooking weblogs. Reflecting on how reading them changes my own cooking practices provides lots of ideas for thinking about implicit learning and legitimate peripheral participation in a case of weblogs (more on it soon: my presentation at Ed-Media is in two days 😉

Chocolate & Zucchini is one of my favourites: it’s a great combination of style, inspiration and humor (and of course, new dishes on my table 🙂 Today Clotilde shares her joy of discovering le sandwich corse de clotilde:

I cannot begin to tell you how gratifying Chocolate & Zucchini has been, since the very early days. But this, having a sandwich named after me at one of my absolute favorite lunch places, is a benefit I clearly hadn’t foreseen. You must forgive my candor, but : how unbelievably cool is that, I ask you?

Read the whole story: it’s a great example of how ideas travel, not only between weblogs, but to our offline life as well. And then you have a choice: you can treat it as a source for cooking inspuration, example of legitimised theft or a business case :)))

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2004/06/22.html#a1252; comments are here.

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