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  Friday, June 18, 2004

  Weblog networks as social ecosystems: finding who belongs to a weblog community

A bit of a follow-up for Weblog networks as social ecosystems.

Let's say that there are cases then community-like structures emerge as a result of connections between bloggers. This is immediately brings a few questions:

  • What is their nature? How do we call them? They are probably not communities, but more loosely-coupled networks of people. Mainly weak ties, but still high degree of awareness of each other.
  • How do we find them? There is no single "community space", just interconnected networks of weblogs. Where would you draw a boundary?
  • What are their characteristics? How and when do they develop? change? die?

Hope to find answers one day... So far just a couple of things:

A. Before there is a good term I'm going to call them "weblog communities".

B. How to define who belongs to a weblog community:

  1. People who say they belong together - interviews? 
  2. People with similar focus - directories? topicExchange?
  3. People who share language - content analysis? trend discovery?
  4. People who link to each other weblogs (using blogroll links and/or links in the text and remembering that these are different) - link analysis?
  5. People who read each other weblogs on regular basis (e.g. using RSS subscriptions) - RSS Neighborhood?
  6. Some/all of the above? Something else?

For an inspiration: 

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